Ardyss Armida Skin Care Products

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Ardyss Armida Skin Care Products

Ardyss Skin Care

Affordable high-end skin care. Bring out the best in your skin, naturally. Armida Signature Collection by Ardyss is an exclusive collection of products with Anti-Aging formulas, antioxidant enriched, no harsh chemicals.

This exclusive collection is designed to rejuvenate your skin, naturally. Our proprietary formulas enriched with antioxidants, invigorate your skin with vitamins and minerals essential to its protection. Antioxidants limit free radicals, which may damage the skin and cause premature aging. Nourish, soothe and pamper yourself daily without harsh chemicals for younger and healthier skin with our anti-aging skin care products.



Ardyss Armida Skin Care Products

Ardyss Skincare 5 Step Guide

  • Step 1: Mild Facial Cleanser: Splash your face and neck with warm water, apply a dime size amount of cleanser to palm of hand & massage all over face and eye area (make sure your eyes are closed), leave on for 15 seconds, then rinse well. Oily skin types, repeat the process. Use AM & PM
  • STEP 2: Clarifying Toner: After properly cleansing your skin with Mild Facial Cleanser, apply Clarifying Toner all over the face and neck in circular motions with a round cotton pad or ball (2 to 3 pumps) on dry skin. Use a Q-Tip on deep expression lines and wrinkles. Use AM & PM.
  • STEP 3: Rejuvenating Day & Night Cream: Apply a generous amount all over face and neck. Use AM & PM.
  • STEP 4: Eye Repair Serum: Half a pump should be sufficient for your lower and upper eye area. Use AM & PM.
  • STEP 5: Instant Wrinkle Remover: This one is our favorite! it can be used daily and it must be applied right after Eye Repair Serum for the best & most optimum results. Just apply a small amount around the eye area and wait for it to dry.